Peter Nestor

Registered Thoroughbred Racehorse Trainer, Central Districts

Peter was born in Gulargambone in1959 to John Nestor, a leading Country Jockey and Judith Nestor a race horse trainer.

Peter rode his first horse in a barrier trial at the age of eleven.

Peter was educated at Red Bend College at Forbes, he could hardly wait for the holidays to go home to his pony and muck around in his mother’s racing stables.

After completing High School, Peter spent a short period working for a Stock and Station Agent before commencing a career breaking- in horses, switching to training gallopers at the age of nineteen. Soon after the family moved to Dubbo and Peter had to train under his mother’s name as he was unable to obtain a trainer’s licence until he turned twenty one. Peter trained horses at Rosehill Race Course 1990-93 before returning to Dubbo.

He is a Director of the NSW Race Horse Trainers Association.

He recently co-opted to an advisory position with Racing NSW to advise on issues related to country racing.

Peter enjoys mentoring numerous apprentice jockeys; Kathy O’Hara was mentored by Peter who went on to be the first female jockey to win The Apprentice Jockey’s Premiership in NSW.

He mentored his nephew Kody Nestor who also won The Apprentice Jockey’s Premiership in the Central West and Western District Racing Associations.

Peter is currently rated as one of the top 5 Race Horse Trainers in NSW based on winner to starter ratio.